Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm having a rough moment in life.. It doesn't help if friends make me feels worst.

This morning when i wake up, my mother scolded me. My Psp suddenly switched itself off so i panicked last night. And when i woke up this morning, my mother was scolding me for not even caring for it. She keep saying alot of bad things about me. She keep saying if i keep this up, not caring for my things, she will leave me in singapore and go and marry the guy she met online in Cambodia...

What is wrong with this world... I feel so weary inside. I tried to watch youtube videos to take the mind off the pain of losing my bf and getting scolded daily by my mother.

I login msn. The first thing was leon. So i chatted with him i felt better. Then later, Reeves msn-ed me and asked me whether i was taking him for a ride or not. I was abit surprised about why he would say like that. He told me ppl contacted him for his guitar and keyboard lessons but failed to commit. Then he just went offline like this. I felt so sad inside. Why take it that i played a prank on u? I did what u wanted: i changed my msn title and asked if anyone wanted to take lessons and placed ur email there. If they changed their mind after talking to you, is it still my fault?

I was so frustrated i just told leon," what is wrong with u guys" and then he started swearing at me. He told me don't use a statement like this.. Like.. U u u.. I guess i was feeling rather down and just used "u" to mean males. Usually i use "u guys" to mean males only, no females involved. Cause most of the problems i have is from guys.

So now i'm sad. I'm down. Like when i was feeling so lonely and sad when my father passed away, i used to play Maplestory to get out of life. And now i'm using Cabal to get out of it again.

I wonder how long i can take this before i break down again.

Help.. someone.....

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